For anyone want to learn chinese culture

Recently a friend of mine has hard time communicating with Chinese people, then we have a meeting longer than two hours about culture. I believe that many people are expected to have this problem, too.

In sum,

“How to measure” (分寸) is the most important concept in Chinese/ Mandarin/ Han/ Taiwanese culture. This is not only pattern recognition or ambiguousness decoding, it’s about find a way to optimize the fullfillment of all players in a game (compare to “playoff” hypo of game theory), it’s a concept called “dao” (道, 天道人心) - a nature way of itself.

You can analogy part of each in [sympathy, understanding, thoughtfulness ...]. However, there is no direct/ explicit exposition, be carefu!

Therefore you can be confident, but don’t be too much. You can be objective, but don’t be too objective. If you want to cut price, please the boss in advance. Think about the form of water.