Puritan love and Composure

Today I have the honor of re-introducing you to 彭紫雲/ 彭楊統妹, born respectively 11/29/1917 and 05/11/1919, a high school teacher and a housewife who were the backbones for a humble and ordinary family. We are here today to reminisce about the lives and legacy they had on this earth with a simple rule: “puritan love and composure”.
My grandparents had 6 grand offspring: Cindy, Tina, 欣婷, 峻彥, 峻浩, 君婷 from three children of their own, 月琴 尚清 尚賢(喬洋). Though my grandpa wasn’t an education major, he taught English, science and other subjects for many years as a respected high school teacher. Also, even though my grandma didn’t have much formal education, she was an avid reader and great cook and she surely nourished the family even more than the prudent.

Their marriage started from the Hakka pledge of so-called “child bride daughter”, before grandpa went to Japan to study Engineering and English, working for the Mitsui Group during WWII, while grandma was here caring for their elderly parents. Just as Japan surrendered, grandpa ended his career as the director of Mitsui Group in Taiwan, starting his career as a high school teacher, while grandma continued caring for the family.
Along with their lives, they cared for and loved their children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, neighbours and friends with their puritan disciplines. Since they lived during the war years, they did not pursue material gains, arts and entertainment of any sort and instead focused on sponsoring and helping others. Even under the strictest standard of hardline Hakka tradition, they were demonstrably humble, diligent, frugal and kind-hearted.

Many banters and anecdotes remained. Occasionally they bickered that they were “fed up with each other” like every couple, but they steadfastly spent their entire lives together.
By and by before 5/31/2010, grandma would tell my grandpa, “I dislike you! Leave me alone! “ When my grandpa passed away, she mourned “I dislike you because you dared to leave me alone!” – That is their life of the spirit in one flesh.
Grandparents are great mentors of life. I slept in the same room with grandma until I was ten years old, mentored by both of them day and night. They always encouraged me to pursue goodness rather than greatness, saying this was a key requirement in pursuing true happiness and peace.
I was somewhat retarded in my speaking ability until later in life, so my grandpa taught me mathematics, physics and painting earlier on around the age of 6, and my grandma had me respect every spirit. They educated me with wit and strategy. For example, when I was 7 years old, my grandpa deliberately splashed water on me, teasing me to cry angrily, then had me calm down, saying that anger is an evil spirit. This valuable lesson I remember until today, as my grandma always shared the same insight, inventing similar profound lessons.
I never knew how lucky I was to have them in my life with all of those precious enlightenments and teachings. When they left for heaven, their righteousness and altruism–their puritan love and composure–is their legacy that will always endure with every life they touched on this earth. Those were the wonderful grandparents that I knew, respected and loved.

In commemoration them both 5/31/2010 and 5/7/2018

# Note: 
彭紫雲 péng zǐ yún;
彭楊統妹 péng yáng tǒng mèi;
欣婷 xīn tíng;
峻彥 chùnn;
峻浩 chùn hào;
君婷 chūn tíng;
月琴 yuè qín;
尚清 shàng qīng;
尚賢shàng xián;
喬洋 qiáo yáng;